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Kennon Angels, Bradford Bulls get big wins in Rec. league

by Minden Press-Herald

7-10 Girls

Impact 18, Minden Athletic 11

Addison Mosley led Impact with six points, Vivian Still had six points as well, followed by Colby Hollis with four points and Quardericana Harris added two points.

LaMiracle Harris scored all 11 points for Minden Athletic.

Kennon Angel’s 41, Lady Lakers 1

Jayden Dent led Kennon’s with 14 points, Keily Sumlin scored nine points and Dakota Howard added eight points. Tanesha Brown scored four points, while Tiffani Brown, Leigha Kennon-Gilbert and Leyla Slaughter each scored two points.

Zahria Shyne scored the only point for the Lady Lakers.

7-8 Boys

Bradford Bulls 20, Fundamental Sports 6

Coltyn Robinson scored eight points to lead the Bulls, followed by Gavyn Davis with four and Caylien Aubrey, Willie Jenkins, Tyson Crew and Tashondrick Moore with two points each.

For Fundamental Sports, Darnell Harris scored four points and Jakyrin Fry added one.

Cavs 19, Oregon Ducks 16

Austin Walton scored 10 points to lead the Cavs, Justin Walton added seven and Chevarea Delaney scored two points.

Tyronn Grider had eight points to lead the Ducks, Anfernee Sterling had four points and Reginald Dudley Jr. and Camyron Davis each had two points.
9-10 Boys

Bradford Bulls 42, Webster Printing 22

Deonte Jackson scored 17 points and Damarion Clark had 13 points to lead the Bulls. Mi’Jai Batton finished with nine points, Brandon Davis Jr. had two and Dexter Shyne Jr. added one point.

Elliot Sheppard and Jekoye Knowles each had nine points to lead Webster Printing, followed by Kielyn Combs with four points.

Trojans 23,
Webster Printing 18

Michael Woodford scored 10 points for the Trojans, Jakobe Jackson added five and Malachi Flournoy and Vanterion Haulcy each finished with four points.
Jekoye Knowles led Webster Printing with nine points, Kielyn Combs added five and Elliot Sheppard pitched in four.

Trojans 29, FJB 15

Jakobe Jackson led the Trojans with 11 points, followed by Malachi Flournoy and Michael Woodford with six. Jacobe Rankin, Victor Gipson and Vanterion Haulcy all finished with two points.

Bradford Bulls 36, Heat 21

Mi’Jai Batton led the Bulls with 14 points, followed by Deonte Jackson with eight points and Brandon Davis Jr. and Dexter Shyne Jr. with four points. Omarion Corley, Cameron Mitchell and Damarion Clark scored two points each.

The Heat was led by Berman Hamilton Jr. with eight points, LaMichael Greer scored five points and Zyan Warren and Isaviyon Emerson each had four points.

11-12 Boys

Elite 46, Thunder 43

Tyler Jefferson was the leading scorer for Elite with 13 points, followed closely by Tycrous Haulcy with 10 points and Khyrese Taylor with nine points. Jamaira Clark finished with eight points, Kameron Wilson scored four points and Reginald Moore Jr. chipped in with two points.

Kentravion Lister and Ta’Keviuntae Kidd each scored 11 points and Eddie Markray added 10 points to lead the Thunder. Ty’Darrium Greene scored six points and Kevin Gill added five.

Tammy’s Fast Tax 49, Thunder 48

Cortez Alexander dropped 36 points on the Thunder to lead the Heat. Jarvis Moore added six points, Jalen Slaughter had five and Jatyon Willis chipped in two points.

Eddie Markray had 26 points for the Thunder, followed by Ty’Darrium Green with 10, Ta’Keviuntae Kidd with nine and Kevin Gill with 3.

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