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LCTC invests in new facility for Minden campus

by Minden Press-Herald

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The Louisiana Community and Technical Colleges (LCTC) Facilities Corporation recently certified the Act 360 match for Northwest Louisiana Technical College and interim director Dr. Rick Bateman Jr. is pleased to see a Workforce Development Center for the Minden campus included in the first round.

“The community’s investment in Northwest LTC has been phenomenal,” Bateman said. This support led to the construction of the new campus in Minden and now the construction of a new facility that will serve the interests of economic development in northwest Louisiana.”

Act 360 of the 2013 Legislative session authorized funding for 29 construction projects for Louisiana’s community and technical colleges, requiring a 12 percent local match for state funds. The bonds will be sold over a three-year period and fund approximately one-third of the projects annually.

For Northwest LTC’s Minden Campus, the legislature authorized a state share of $2.25 million with a local match of $300,000 for construction, which is expected to begin in March.

“In today’s economy, most middle class jobs require more than a high school diploma, but less than a four-year degree,” Bateman pointed out. “The passage of Act 360 allows community and technical colleges to modernize and expand facilities and provide the training necessary for graduates to secure jobs that will allow them to live the American dream.”

Bateman expressed gratitude to the Act 360 fundraising committee which includeds James Madden, Jerri de Pingre’, Kary Bryce, Jean Doerge, Tommy Davis, Mike Toland, Rene Tate, Scott Price and Lisa Snider. He added a special thank-you to Amy Mealey and the Carey family for the vision of Richard Carey and their long-standing commitment to Northwest LTC.

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