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Little League action from the Rec

by Minden Press-Herald

Coach Pitch

Southern Stone 9

Roma 8

Remington Arender led the way for Southern Stone with a home run and single, followed by Ryan Reagan with two triples. Cameryn Davis tripled and
doubled, Hudson Glasscock tripled and Cash Frizzell and Derrick Bryant added base hits.

Peyton Houston hit a home run and added a pair of singles to lead Roma. Preston Blakely added a double and single, while Zavious Lewis and Bryson McKinney had two hits each. Garrett Adams added a base hit.


Regulators 7

Alpha Energy 6

Chase Hammonds had two triples to lead the Regulators, followed by Ric Harris with a double, Elliot Sheherd with two singles and Nolan Garms with a
base hit. Ric Harris had 11 strikeouts on the mound.

Chelby Hinton tripled and had two singles to lead Alpha Energy, followed by Jaylin Williams with a pair of doubles. Jaylin Williams also struck out
nine batters on the mound for Alpha.

Lions Club 15

Alpha Railroad 6

Dayton Sims blasted a home run for Lions Club. Ethan Latour also crushed a home run, while Bryce Powell and Caleb Condit had triples and singles.
Brandon Winston doubled and singled twice and Jake Wilkins singled.

Trey Yetman, Will Davis and Mason Lewis had hits for Alpha Railroad and Price Miller struck out six batters.

Dixie Youth

U.S. Silica 11

MPC Bulldogs 11

Cole Frazier tripled for Silica, followed by Corbin Kendrick who stroked a double and added two singles. Matthew Seales doubled and Keegan Frizzell added a base hit.

Ty Green had two doubles and a single for the Bulldogs, followed by Jackson Mayfield with a double and single, Carson Parker with a double and
J’Roceyun Scott and Connor Heard with base hits.

Dixie Boys

Town & Country 15

Minden Elite 3

Tyler Gillespie doubled twice and singled for Town & Country, followed by Cameron Barton who doubled, Gage Edwards with two singles and Nate Willis
added a base hit. Nate Willis struck out seven on the mound.

Treyton Butler tripled and Antravius Allen doubled. Evan Boswell and Jerestin Baugh added base hits.

Glenbrook 14
Lakeside 3

Cade Clemons and Trevor McLean doubled for Glenbrook, followed by Haynes Mandino and Beau Branch with three hits each. Nick Mourad and Austin King added base hits.

Hunter Womack tripled, Trevor Randle and Krystopher Stewart doubled and Drake Austin added a base hit for Lakeside.

Dixie Angels

Timberland 7

Cooksey’s Tax 0

Lauren Still tripled and singled for Timberland, followed by Elyse Jackson who doubled and D’yana Hamil with a base hit.

Katelin Westin had the only hit for Cooksey’s.



Glenbrook 3

Halie Cross, Karlee Osbon, Jordan Sheppard and Abagael Cross had big hits for OWC on the night. Olivia Osborne struck out nine batters for OWC.

Alyssa Martin and Hannah Mosley had hits for Glenbrook.

Glenbrook 13

Haughton Heat 1

Aubrie Dickson doubled and singled, while Kara Bryce tripled and singled to lead Glenbrook.

Ward and Crumpler had the only hits for Haughton.

Wednesday Scores


Apaches 16

Kirk’s Towing 1

Maddox Mandino tripled twice and singled, while Cason Clemons, Jakobe Jackson and Landry Powell added triples as well. C.J. Watts, Garrett Brown
and Grayson Williams had base hits. Maddox Mandino and Garrett Brown combined to no-hit Kirk’s Towing.

Cooper Parker struck out three batters for Kirk’s Towing on the mound.

Skeeter’s 9

Regulators 6

Jase Pate delivered a triple for Skeeter’s only hit. Elijah Redding struck out eight batters for Skeeter’s.

Elliot Sheppard hit two home runs for the regulators and Chase Hammonds added a base hit. Sheppard also struck out six batters on the mound.

Minden Athletic 12

Hol-Mont 8

Cooper Chase tripled for Minden Athletic, followed by Jacob Powell with a double and Collin Murphy with a single. Chase Tolbert struck out seven
batters and Kendall Flournoy sat down five batters for Minden Athletic on the mound.

Dexter Smith tripled twice and doubled to lead Hol-Mont, followed by Noah Spears with a base hit. Dexter Smith struck out five batters for Hol-

Dixie Youth

Minden Athletic 16

U.S. Silica 6

Hayden Engel crushed a pair of home runs and added a single for Minden Athletic. De’Mareya Howard blasted a home run as well and also hit a triple
for Minden Athletic, while Drake Freeman tripled and doubled and Blain Sparks and Tristen Murry added triples of their own. Jacob Corke, Cameron
Combs, Kyle Spears and Blake Bradley added base hits for Minden Athletic. Blaine Sparks struck out nine batters on the mound.

Corbin Kendrick doubled, Reggie Lofton had two hits and Keegan Frizzell added a base hit to lead U.S. Silica. Connor Humphreys struck out four
batters on the mound.

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