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Living above the line

by David Specht

Do you live “above the line?” It is a fair question for anyone. 

In order to answer the question, a definition may be necessary.

People who live above the line are open, curious, and committed to learning. People who live below the line are closed, defensive, and committed to being right.

People who live above the line take personal responsibility. People who live below the line blame others.

People who live above the line are overcomers. People who live below the line take on the role of victim.

The definitions could go on and on. So the question remains, “Do you live above the line?”

Above the line living is becoming more and more the exception. We are constantly bombarded with messages encouraging us to live below the line. If you don’t believe me, turn on the television and watch the host of commercials from lawyers, politicians, and others telling people they have been screwed and to get what they deserve. They are playing on below the line thinking.

Scroll through your social media feed and see all the below the line posts and comments. Marketers know your fears and biases, and play on them to push products, agendas, and candidates. We don’t need the Russians to interfere, because we are doing it to ourselves.

It is my hope that this column will awaken readers to the truth of above the line thinking. I am hopeful that readers will limit the influence others have on their perceptions. 

Whether a student, citizen, or elected official, we have to raise our thinking above the line. If we don’t, we will continue to allow ourselves to be manipulated. Elections will be decided. Lines will be drawn. Chaos will ensue. All because of below the line living.

Not everyone will understand this. Afterall, upbringing, environment, and preconceived biases are strong influences. We all have these to overcome.

The future of Minden and beyond is a social game as much as an economic one. Just imagine the unity, progress, and success we could see if we were to be an above the line community. What improvements could be made? What wrongs could be made right?

Moving from below the line to above the line won’t be easy. It will be a series of small steps. However, it all starts with the decision to do so. That is the choice I place before each person who read this column today.

Will you live below the line or above the line? The choice is yours. Make the decision today.

David Specht is president of Specht Newspapers, Inc. 

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