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Louisiana Tech launches new doctoral program in engineering

by Minden Press-Herald

Louisiana Tech University and its College of Engineering and Science have announced a new doctoral program geared toward engineering and technology professionals. The University is now accepting applications for the Doctorate in Engineering and Technology Management (DETM) program, which will equip graduates for leadership positions in the growing and rapidly changing technological landscape.

The DETM expands on Louisiana Tech’s commitment to innovation in education, building on the success of the MS in Engineering and Technology Management program by integrating more specialized and advanced coursework with practical original research. Through this original research, graduates will contribute new insights or solutions to engineering, technology, or management challenges.

DETM students will delve into in-depth topics such as technology management, strategic planning, and decision analysis, skills crucial for innovation and major advancements across their professions. Through these studies, they will develop management, leadership, engineering, and technology principles relevant to their specialization. With this knowledge, the students will be able to effectively lead teams of technical professionals and make informed decisions about technological investments and strategies.

This program is tailor-made for working professionals’ busy schedules; it features flexible scheduling, including online classes, to ensure a perfect fit with students’ professional commitments. Graduates of the DETM program will be uniquely prepared for senior roles in their careers. Potential career paths include technology management, engineering management, continuous improvement management, senior system engineering, project management, engineering design, operations management, university faculty, research and development leadership, innovation management, and strategic planning.

With a DETM degree, students will have the multidisciplinary skills and expertise to drive innovation, manage technological change, and lead successful organizations in today’s complex and dynamic global marketplace.

Learn more about the DETM program at coes.latech.edu/graduate-programs/engineering-and-technology-management-detm/

Email Dr. Beth Hegab ([email protected]), DETM program coordinator, with questions.

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