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M6 destruction topic of EPA workshop

by Minden Press-Herald

A workshop, hosted by the Environmental Protection Agency, will detail the next steps since the arrival of the M6 contained burn chamber last week.

Set for 6:30 p.m., Thursday, Feb. 25, the workshop will be at the dining facility (Building 181) at Camp Minden, located at 9649 Highway 80. The Louisiana Military Department, contractors Explosive Service International and El Dorado Engineering, will be on hand to walk the community through the steps as they get ready to test the entire system, including the state-of-the-art pollution abatement system.

“At this week’s community workshop, we expect to hear updates on test preparations, schedule and next steps to successfully complete performance measures needed for the contained burn system to become fully operational now that it has arrived at Camp Minden,” David Gray, director of EPA’s Office of External Affairs, said. “We also expect to hear an update on plans for community monitoring and data.”

He says they will also go over the tests they must pass before the system is allowed to fully operate. The comprehensive performance test is to ensure the system functions as it should and meets regulations and emissions standards.

Once destruction of the demilitarized M6 propellant begins in earnest, officials expect to burn about 880 pounds per hour, which equates to roughly three trays per hour.

The target date to begin destruction was set for the end of February, but because of floodwaters in January, the arrival of the chamber was delayed by about 10 days.

From beginning to end, officials say the project should take about 12 months to complete.

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