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Mary Bird Perkins Cancer Center Expands Reach to Central and North Louisiana through Partnership with MD Clinics

by Minden Press-Herald

Mary Bird Perkins Cancer Center, Louisiana’s foremost cancer care organization, is embarking on a significant expansion initiative by joining forces with MD Clinics, a leading provider of cancer care services across central and north Louisiana. The strategic alliance, set to commence in April 2024, will see all MD Clinics locations rebranded as Mary Bird Perkins locations, vastly extending the Cancer Center’s presence across the state.

The collaboration between Mary Bird Perkins and MD Clinics aims to amplify the scope and quality of cancer care services available in these regions of Louisiana. By leveraging MD Clinics’ established infrastructure and Mary Bird Perkins’ expertise and resources, the partnership seeks to enhance patient outcomes and alleviate the burden of cancer within local communities.

Mary Bird Perkins’ expansion into central and north Louisiana signifies a milestone achievement in its mission to advance survivorship and mitigate the impact of cancer by providing accessible, high-quality care. With a history spanning over fifty years, Mary Bird Perkins has continually strived to offer innovative treatments and support services tailored to individual patient needs.

Dr. Jonas Fontenot, President and CEO of Mary Bird Perkins Cancer Center, expressed enthusiasm for the integration, stating, “Our collaboration with MD Clinics underscores our commitment to empowering providers and enhancing cancer care delivery in communities across Louisiana. Together, we will strive to make a meaningful difference in the lives of those affected by cancer.”

MD Clinics, founded by Dr. Manish Dhawan in 2019, has been dedicated to delivering exceptional cancer care to underserved populations in central and north Louisiana. Through the partnership with Mary Bird Perkins, MD Clinics’ physicians and staff will have access to additional resources and support, enabling them to extend their reach and provide enhanced services to a broader patient base.

Key benefits of the integration include expanded research opportunities, access to advanced technology and expertise, comprehensive patient care, enhanced coordination among healthcare professionals, and a strengthened commitment to serving local communities.

Dr. Dhawan emphasized the transformative impact of the partnership, stating, “By combining MD Clinics’ regional expertise with Mary Bird Perkins’ cutting-edge cancer services, we are creating a seamless continuum of care that prioritizes patient well-being. This collaboration will enable us to reach more patients and offer them the highest standard of care available.”

As part of the integration, Mary Bird Perkins plans to extend its clinical trials program into the region, providing patients with access to groundbreaking research and innovative therapies. The partnership solidifies the commitment of both organizations to improving access to high-quality cancer care and fostering healthier communities.

For more information about Mary Bird Perkins Cancer Center and its expanded network of locations, visit

North Louisiana Locations
  1. Shreveport (850 Olive Street)
  2. Minden (10600 Industrial Drive)
  3. Natchitoches
  4. Winnsboro
  5. Vivian
  6. Jonesboro
  7. Springhill
  8. Alexandria

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