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Minden City Council meeting to be held Monday, May 6 at 5 PM

by Minden Press-Herald

The regular session will begin at 5 PM in the City Hall Council Chambers. The agenda for this month’s meeting includes the following items:

(1) Adopt minutes of Minden City Council Regular Session held on April 2, 2024  

(2) Adopt minutes of Minden City Council Special Session held on April 18, 2024   

(3) Audit Presentation for Fiscal Year 2022-2023 by Allen, Green & Williamson, LLP    

(4) Appointment – Minden Main Street Program/Downtown Development Commission   

(5) Adopt Ordinance No. 1143 – An Ordinance Establishing “No Thru Truck Traffic” Signs on Country Club Circle Between its Intersections with Lewisville Road and Homer Road; Providing  for the Installation of “No Thru Truck Traffic” Signs with Reflectors; and Providing Penalties for  the Violation Thereof 

(6) Adopt Ordinance No. 1144 – An Ordinance to Provide for Sale of Adjudicated Properties; and,  Further Providing with Respect Thereto 

(7) Authority for Mayor Cox to Enter into a Cooperative Agreement between the City of Minden and  E&P Consulting Services, LLC for the City of Minden Adjudicated Property Program

(8) Authority to Advertise for Bids for the Perimeter Fence at the Minden Airport

(9) Award Bid No. 03-2024 – Branded Unleaded Gasoline & Diesel Fuel

(10) Personnel – Minden Police Department New Hire

(11) Budget/Financial Report for March 2024

(12) Fire Report for April 2024

(13) Police Report for March 2024 

(14) Condemned Property – 604 Lee Street – Rosa Jackson

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