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Minden man arrested for drug possession and resisting arrest

by Minden Press-Herald

Joseph Fullwood, 42, of the 700 block of Yale Street in Minden was arrested on multiple charges, including drug possession and resisting arrest, after an incident at a local Circle K. A Minden police officer on patrol observed Fullwood entering the store wearing work gloves and sunglasses. Upon exiting, Fullwood began dancing and yelling, prompting suspicion of an altered mental state possibly due to drug usage.

Fullwood proceeded to walk with the flow of traffic in violation of state statute, with the officer activating emergency lights and ordering him to stop. Despite verbal commands and attempts to stop him, Fullwood continued walking, dropping items including a baggie later found to contain 79 grams of methamphetamine. The officer pursued Fullwood, who attempted to flee. When the officer started to exit his vehicle, Fullwood collided with the officer’s vehicle door and fell.

Once Fullwood was identified, the officer recognized Fullwood as a person that Parole and Probation had recently been searching for. Fullwood was taken into custody without further incident. Besides the drug possession charge, he faces charges of possession of drug paraphernalia (including a metal spoon commonly associated with intravenous methamphetamine use), obstruction of justice, resisting an officer, and an existing warrant. 

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