A Minden man charged with aggravated cruelty to animals is now behind bars.

Victor Newman Thomas, 30, of the 16,000 block of Highway 80, is charged with resisting an officer, aggravated cruelty to animals and a probation warrant. Bond was set at $102,500. No bond was set for the probation warrant.

Webster Parish Sheriff Gary Sexton says Deputies John Byrd and Daniel White went to Thomas’ residence around 10 a.m. on the morning of Tuesday, May 19 to serve warrants on him. As the deputies were pulling into the driveway, according to reports, Thomas fled the scene.

Back up was called and Sgt. Joel Thomas, Deputy Bobby Igo III, Capt. Don Willis, Lt. Angela Evans and Capt. Don Smith arrived on scene. Thomas was apprehended by Evans after he was seen coming out from under a mobile home in the same area of his address.

Sexton says the cruelty to an animal charge stems from an incident where he reportedly did not properly care for a horse, eventually causing its death.

“It’s just horrible cruelty to a horse,” he said. “He caused unjustifiable suffering and ultimate death of the horse.”
Sexton says Thomas failed to provide proper food, shelter and veterinary care for the horse.

“If you’re going to own an animal, at least take the time to give it proper attention,” he said. “An animal is something that is defenseless and entirely dependent upon your care. If you’re going to make the commitment to own an animal, you need to make sure they have proper care.”

The probation warrant was for misdemeanor marijuana charges, the sheriff said.

He was booked at Bayou Dorcheat Correctional Center.