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Minden native opens scented candle company in Nashville

by Amber McDown

Desiree Page, a Minden native, has recently launched Milton Candle Co. in Nashville, Tennessee, honoring her roots and childhood memories. The company’s name pays tribute to Milton Drive, the street where Page grew up.

Page’s love for candles, coupled with her nostalgia for her hometown, led her to create the scented candle line after her father, James McLaughlin, passed away. The “Minden” candle, named after her hometown, features a blend of vanilla, leather, and birch, evoking a warm and cozy atmosphere with bright high notes. “I set out to find something that made me feel at home,” she said.

“I love where I grew up; I love Minden. I loved my hometown, the street where I grew up, my neighbors,” expressed Page, highlighting her deep connection to her roots. She fondly recalled that her childhood address on Milton Drive was the first thing she memorized.

Despite living in Nashville with her fiancée, a songwriter, Page remains connected to Minden, returning every year. Her long-term goal is to open a shop on Main Street in Minden, aiming to share the charm of her hometown with others. “I want everyone to experience Minden, truly,” she said.

Page, who also manages artists, is considering approaching local retailers to carry her line. In the meantime, her candles are available online at MiltonCandle.com.  

“Minden is home to me, and it was such a special place to grow up. I want to make my hometown proud,” Page concluded.

Desiree Page

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