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Minden woman helps brother hide gun, arrested

by Minden Press-Herald


A Minden woman was arrested after police say she helped her brother hide a gun used in an attempted murder case.

Sedricka D. Adams, 20, of the 800 block of Fincher Road, was arrested Monday, Oct. 12, and charged with accessory after the fact to attempted second degree murder. Her bond was set at $5,000.

Minden police chief Steve Cropper says a 16-year-old juvenile was walking down the street and a confrontation ensued with some others who had their vehicles parked in the street.

“This young man is a juvenile, and made a statement that he was going to kill one of the guys standing next to the car, pulls a gun out and shoots at him three times,” he said. “Two of the bullets struck the vehicle he was standing next to and the other ricocheted somewhere and they never could find it.”

He said the victim knew the juvenile. Det. Keith King Jr. was called to the scene, took statements and obtained enough evidence to seek a warrant for the arrest of the juvenile for attempted second degree murder.

“Due to the fact that he was a juvenile, he needed someone that could be with him for his well-being,” he said. “They couldn’t make contact with his mother, so his sister comes with him, Ms. Sedricka Adams. They put the juvenile into an interview room with her present.”
During questioning, Cropper says the juvenile denied any involvement in the incident.

“After the interview, his sister supplied the 16 year old juvenile with a cell phone so he could make a phone call to one of his friends to get the gun and hide the gun he’d used the night before to try to shoot this guy,” the chief said. “Investigators made contact with the juvenile and his sister again, and informed him that he needed to tell them where the gun was and the sister needed to assist.”

Cropper says Adams also denied having any involvement with incident.

“That’s what prompted her arrest to accessory after the fact to attempted second degree murder,” he said, adding police concluded she had no knowledge of the shooting itself.

Adams was placed under arrest by Capts. Dan Weaver and Marvin Garrett and Officer First Class Ben Allen.

“Due to the fact that she’s approximately 18 weeks pregnant, we contacted Judge (Sherb) Sentell, we got her out of jail because of her condition,” he said. “She didn’t have to post bond, but she is on bond.”

Cropper explained that even though she is not incarcerated, she cannot leave the Minden area until the case is resolved.

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