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Moore: Books, books, books

by Minden Press-Herald


Reading is a passion of mine. One that I can indulge myself in for hours, if nothing comes along to interfere. However, the daily routines usually don’t allow that much uninterrupted time.

In a good book, one can follow the characters through their daily lives, laughing with them, crying with them and living vicariously the interesting lives they lead.

I have read a great variety of books this year and am never reluctant to try a new genre.

Books aren’t selected because of their titles, yet the titles can surely be intriguing enough that you can’t help but pick up the book and give it a once over. There are days when I look for a favorite author and others when I’m open to trying a new one.

A few years ago, quite by accident, I discovered a new author, Charles Martin, and have since followed up with all his books.

Publishers Weekly says, “Martin’s strength is in his memorable characters…”

His latest book, which I pre-ordered from Amazon, was soon delivered to my doorstep and I’m head over heels in love with it.

LONG WAY GONE reminds one of the Biblical account of the prodigal son, as it follows a young man through some choices he made, and who eventually finds his way home. But the return is not like the Bible story,

“No matter where you go, no matter whether you succeed or fail, stand or fall, no gone is too far gone, You can always come home.”

These words went with the main character as he left home, and they follow him for years as he seeks success in the music field.

This is another one of Martin’s good ones.

When I first discovered Charles Martin’s books,it was quite by accident. It was not his first one and through publicity blurbs, I learned the names of his earlier works.

His titles are always different, begging you to look into the pages to see what it’s all about. They include: Dead Men Don’t Dance, Wrapped in Rain, When Crickets Cry, Maggie, Chasing Fireflies, Where the River Ends, The Mountain Between Us, Thunder and Rain, Unwritten, A Life Intercepted, Water from my Heart, and now, Long Way Gone.

His books are easy to read but not simplistic, They will keep you turning pages, eager to see what is happening next. His characters are not so far out the reader can’t identify, because one could probably find himself in any of these novels.

Most of these books I purchased but they can be found at your local library. If you don’t see what you want, just ask one of the workers and they are happy to help you find your book.

I have requested some unusual books that were not in our local library, however the workers willingly requested them from other libraries. One was even borrowed from a facility in Oklahoma.

Don’t feel intimidated because you think you can’t afford to buy books, because there are more shelved in the libraries than we’ll ever have time to read.

Listen to see what your friends are reading. They can often suggest titles that would interest you. Share you finds with others.

Let’s spread the word about how much pleasure one can derive through the pages of books.

And let me highly recommend books by Charles Martin.

Fannie Moore is a journalist who lives in Shongaloo where she enjoys writing on a variety of subjects.

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