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Moore: Happy holidays from ‘The Back Porch’

by Minden Press-Herald

 It has been a while since I visited with you but I am happy to be back.. It has been a hectic time at our house for the past several months and it just wasn’t possible for me to connect with you, my faithful readers.

 It began in May when i had a terrible fall, which resulted in so many different problems. I have been battling these since that time. And during the time, I also spent a few days in the hospital with Covid. Our children were our lifesavers: driving us around, cooking numerous meals and grocery shopping for us. They also took care of Hubby while I was unable to.

 And most recently, have done preparations for Christmas; decorating the tree, shopping for gifts for the family and wrapping them as well. What would we do without  our children?

 I know everyone has had their own slate of problems so I will not belabor the point. It’s good to be back.

 I have continued to keep up with what’s going on by way of the Press-Herald, Facebook and other means, so I know many of you have had similar problems, or even worse. I hope things are looking up for all of you and I hope to be able to continue to be in touch by way of this column.

 We all spend a lot of time and money for trees, ornaments, gifts and all of this is great, but not necessary. It is all about Him. Do we remember the real reason for Christmas? Would we make available room at the inn or do we tend to relegate the Christ Child to the stable?

 I would like to remind you of the real reason for Christmas and to be sure to include it in all your busy preparations.

Until next time, Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.

Fannie Moore lives in Shongaloo.

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