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New Year Message from the Mayor

by Minden Press-Herald

Our community just celebrated the most wonderful time of the year, and even though Christmas has come and gone, there is so much to look forward to in Minden. Our annual St. Jude Auction is right around the corner, and we will speak more about that in next month’s update. But now it’s Mardi Gras season, and the biggest parade in town is ready to roll.

The 24th annual Minden Mardi Gras Parade will be held on Saturday, February 5. The parade route will cover a 3.3-mile stretch of Minden streets. We will begin at the intersection of Germantown Road and Elm Street and wind through the Minden Historic District, downtown and back to Germantown Road.

There will be so many family-friendly activities taking place, and we encourage all of Minden to turnout to tailgate, catch some beads, and have a wholesome time with friends. Events like our Mardi Gras parade make Minden unique. It’s one of those times when we can all come together and put aside those things that divide us as we watch children smile and adults laugh and enjoy each other’s company. 

While you watch all the floats roll by also take notice of the positive strides we have made in our downtown. From new restaurants and businesses to new Bed and Breakfast locations and the downtown renovation of the Imperial Hotel, Minden is on the move and making progress even during a pandemic.

As for the pandemic, we want to encourage everyone to attend and have a great time but also to be mindful. While enjoying all the outside activities we should remember to practice social distancing. It is also up up to the individual if they would like to wear a mask while shopping or near others. We have noticed a slight increase in Covid cases in the parish, but if we practice good common sense these numbers should level out.

As we have always done, the residents of Minden will work through any difficulties that may come our way. We continue to prove we will not allow the pandemic to keep us down as we make wonderful strides to move Minden forward.

Our parade is geared to celebrate the community. After more than 20 years of growth, Minden’s celebration of Mardi Gras proves that we can grow so long as we continue to come together to celebrate those things that unite us rather than those that divide us.

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