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October Minden City Council Meeting

by Minden Press-Herald

The October Minden City Council meeting was a brief affair with the council discussing and voting on agenda items such as some restructuring of the Minden Police Department, starting bids for the city’s plan of building a new Public Works Facility, and the creation of a four-way stop at the intersection of Fulton and Columbia Street.  

After the passing of the minutes, the first agenda item discussed was that of Chief McIver’s plan to restructure the Minden Police Department.

“The Chief presented a plan to us that restructures his department. Basically, his plan removes the captain and lieutenant positions and creates two deputy chiefs and sergeant positions, and then it lays out duties in those plans,” said Mayor Nick Cox. The item was motioned through and passed unanimously. 

Along with that, the council also unanimously voted to appoint the position of interim deputy chief of police. “It’s being recommended by Chief Jared McIver that we appoint Chris Cheatham as interim Deputy Chief of Police,” said Cox. 

Next the council voted to start bids on the creation of a public works department. Discussions have been held over the past few months regarding the mayor’s initiative to consolidate the public works department and, after having the initial drafts designed, this moves the city along in the next steps towards its creation.

“We’ve talked about this for a while, consolidating the public works department, moving our city forward. We have departments spread out all over the city, and it’s also very hard to get employees, so we’re wanting to move toward consolidating. Part of that is we had an architect draft up plans and now we need to put it up for bid to see what we’re looking at,” said Cox. The item was approved unanimously.

The city council also voted to turn the intersection at Fulton and Columbia Street that is currently a two-way stop into a four-way stop to help make that intersection safer.

“We’ve had some citizens complain about traffic flying through there and it being very dangerous. Buddy and I went and rode through there, and if you went very fast you’re going to really probably tear up your vehicle,” said Nick Cox. 

Councilman Buddy Miles of District A added, “Not only that, I think a year or two ago someone actually flew through the intersection and actually hit … a storage building there and also a carport that sits there and also damaged her gas meter. It was a potentially dangerous situation, so we asked and we’re trying to provide her with a safer environment.”

The Minden City Council meetings take place on the first Monday of each month starting at 6 PM at Minden City Hall. This meeting is open to the public to attend and,for those who are unable to attend or wish to watch the meeting after the fact, the meeting is live streamed on the City of Minden’s Facebook page and YouTube channel titled, City of Minden -Feels Like Home.

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