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One-on-one With Kolby Jackson

by Minden Press-Herald

Kolby Jackson

Kolby Jackson

Q: Using just the football team, who would make up the best starting five for a basketball game?
A: “JJ” Sneed, Antonio Rivette, Kelcey Miller, Zi’Kerrion Baker and Dekeltric Freelon.

Q: Why do you wear No. 4?
A: It’s a tradition. It started with my oldest brother and he just passed it on down the line.

Q: What’s going on in the locker room before a big game?
A: We just lay back and chill, listen to some music. That’s quiet time.

Q: Favorite thing to do away from football?
A: Work out.

Q: Do you play any video games? Which ones?
A: Oh yeah. I play a little 2K, Madden and Call of Duty. I feel like I can beat anybody on the team at Madden.

Q: What makes this Minden team special?
A: We have such a strong bond, a brotherhood. There’s a lot of love in the
locker room and we feel more like a family than a team.

Q: Whats your hype song right now?
A: March Madness – Future

Q: What’s been your favorite part of the season so far?
A: Seeing “JJ” (Sneed) make history at Benton. That just amazed me.

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