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Owner of Brick Street Coffee shares passion for coffee with Lions Club

by Amber McDown

Derek Peris, the proprietor behind Barnyard Roasters and Brick Street Coffee, captivated attendees at the Lions Club’s noon meeting as the guest speaker. He delved into the origins of coffee, the intricate roasting process, and its journey to the consumer’s cup. Peris showcased his inaugural roaster alongside green and roasted beans as part of his presentation.

Peris’s journey into the world of coffee was sparked by his wife, Debbie, who gifted him a mini roaster in 2015. By 2018, he had expanded his arsenal to include two larger roasters. The onset of the pandemic in 2020 resulted in the loss of Derek’s sales job, prompting him to transition into a full-time business, supplying two coffee brands to grocery stores, cafés, and coffee stands across the Pacific Northwest.

In 2021, the Peris family felt a strong calling to depart from the Pacific Northwest, eventually settling in Minden. The following year, they acquired the former Crichton Hardware building, where they opened Brick Street Coffee in October 2023.

Today, the coffee business has become a family affair, with Derek, Debbie, and their four children all contributing to the roastery and bistro.

During his talk, Peris shared intriguing insights into coffee production. He explained that coffee is cultivated near the equator, thriving in various climates that impart distinct flavors to the beans. The two primary types of coffee beans are arabica and robusta, with green, unroasted coffee being traded as an agricultural commodity through brokers.

Committed to sustainability, the Perises exclusively purchase organically grown coffee. Derek emphasized, “We try to promote organic coffee to limit the use of pesticides in coffee-growing countries.” By supporting organic growers, Peris provides an alternative to those who might otherwise resort to pesticide use for profit, benefiting both the environment and consumers. He suggested that individuals experiencing headaches or stomach aches from regular coffee consumption may find relief by switching to organic coffee.

While many in Minden enjoy Brick Street Coffee, some are unaware that the Perises also operate under the name Barnyard Roasters, producing and distributing roasted coffee from their downtown Minden facility.

The Perises take pride in roasting and blending all their coffee, including specialty blends tailored to specific clients, such as the Villas at Spanish Court. They also offer naturally decaffeinated coffee.

“I’ll blend several beans together to cater to someone’s taste of what they expect coffee to taste like. We’ve developed several blends to compete with other product lines,” said Peris.

Brick Street Coffee, situated at 509 Main Street, welcomes customers Monday through Friday from 7 AM to 2 PM and on Saturdays from 8 AM to 2 PM.

The Minden Lions Club meets every Thursday at noon at the American Legion Memorial Hall, 119 W. Pine St. in downtown Minden. The club extends a welcome to potential new members interested in serving the community.

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