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Police arrest Minden man on drug charges

by Minden Press-Herald

Mitchell, 48, was arrested on April 8 by Minden police on drug charges after a warrant was served at his home in the 400 block of Plateau Street.

During the search, officers discovered 34 grams of natural marijuana (schedule I), 12 grams of crack cocaine (schedule II), 66 ecstasy pills (schedule I), and 87 doxepin hydrochloride pills (legend drug), all individually packaged for sale. Additionally, $100 in small bills and a digital scale commonly used in the practice of selling illegal narcotics were found in a locked room shared by Mitchell and Jessica Hunter, with Mitchell providing the key.

Both Mitchell and Hunter were questioned after being read their Miranda rights. Mitchell claimed possession of the crack and ecstasy. Subsequent testing confirmed the substances’ identities.

Mitchell was arrested and booked for possession with intent to distribute natural marijuana (schedule I ), ecstasy (schedule I), crack cocaine (schedule II), and doxepin hydrochloride (legend drug), as well as possession of drug paraphernalia.

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