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Police investigate drive-by shootings

Maria Gonzalez
Special to the Minden Press-Herald

SPRINGHILL — The Springhill and Cullen Police Departments are working together to find answers concerning a series of drive-by shootings that occurred early Monday morning.

Cullen Police Chief Rosetta Harris said one shooting occurred in Cullen around midnight, and another took place in Springhill at 3 a.m.

According to the Springhill PD, no one was injured by the gunfire, but several people were left “shaken up.” Erica Dawn Leopard, who resides on Baker Street in Springhill, is one of those people.

Three .40 caliber bullets hit Leopard’s house. One bullet went through the glass patio door and cleared three walls once inside, the second lodged into the outside wall, and the third cleared the outside wall, piercing the kennel were Leopard’s dog Taco lay sleeping.

“I’ve literally been caught in the crossfire of someone else’s bad life choices,” Leopard said. “Do you know what it feels like to actually, physically flinch every time you walk by a window in your own home? Because I do now. Honestly, I don’t know that I’ll ever feel safe here again.”

Harris said she feels that the shooting in Springhill and the shooting in Cullen are connected.

“We’re getting conflicting stories,” Harris said. “But we’re working side-by-side with Chief Lynd and Detective Frazier there in Springhill. We are all on it and hope to have some answers very soon.”

Police ask that anyone with information on either of these shootings please come forward.