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Police recover stolen vehicles

by Minden Press-Herald

Police have recovered three of four vehicles that have been stolen in the last two weeks from the Minden area.

Minden Police Capt. Julie Harmon says the thefts occurred Thursday, May 19, Saturday, May 28, Tuesday, May 31, and Monday, June 4. The vehicles stolen included a Tahoe, a Chevy Equinox, a Toyota Camry and a truck, she said.

“The ones stolen on May 28 and 31 were both recovered in Shreveport,” she said, “The Equinox was found in Campti today (Wednesday).”

They believe the Camry was stolen from Minden, driven to Campti, and the Equinox was stolen from Campti and driven to Minden. Two others were found in Shreveport.

“On Monday, we recovered a stolen vehicle and stolen license plate from Campti. It was parked at Regions Bank on Sibley Road,” she said. “On Wednesday, a person called and gave us the tag number of a vehicle that was parked in a camp at a Campti residence, and it was our stolen vehicle, the Toyota Camry. We called Natchitoches and they went out there.”

She says there seems to be no pattern connecting the thefts, and they aren’t even sure if it is one person or if it’s multiple people.

Nothing appears to have been stolen from inside the vehicles, and none of the three vehicles recovered have been returned to their owners as they have either been processed or are awaiting processing.

She says it is important for people not to leave their keys in the car and to lock their doors.

“The keys were in the cars in two of them,” she said.

“The most important thing to remember is not to leave any valuables in the car. You’re just asking somebody to break in.”

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