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Reynolds: Budget will be fixed in ‘Special’

by David Specht

In the wake of much-reported threats to nursing homes and the elderly as the result of a fiscal cliff the state is facing, Rep. Gene Reynolds, D-Minden, took to Facebook to inform constituents of the facts.

“I know from phone calls and emails there is a lot of concern over the possibility of cuts that would hurt the elderly, disabled, education, and other agencies,” Reynolds said.

While he acknowledged there was much political posturings and hay being made, he didn’t expect things to remain status quo.

“First , nothing is final right now and will not be final until July 1,” Reynolds said.

“Second, the news tonight [Friday] reported that House Bill 1, the budget, was amended in Senate Committee today which changed or moved the cuts away from nursing homes and some IDH programs to other areas, but the cuts still amount to around 650 million at this time.”

Reynolds said HB1 will never pass all the way in its current form, and that the current session will end Friday.

After that, the legislature will go into special session.

“During that special session, we will likely be able to renew some of the temporary penny for a period of time and with cleaning some pennies and a few other small things to get us enough revenue to save most services,” he said.

Reynolds said he was optimistic about the potential outcome in a special session, despite past failures.

“So I know we are 0-for-6 in the last fiscal sessions, but I think we can get enough votes to pass some bills this time,” he said.

“Everyone knows the problems and the possible solutions so now we have to do what Josey Wales said in the movie, ‘Are we going to pull those pistols or just whistle Dixie?’”

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