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by Minden Press-Herald

Minden businesses have large varieties of king cakes for Mardi Gras

Mardi Gras is upon Minden with balls, parades, and sharing of king cakes with family and friends. 

You can get your king cake fix at a plethora of places in Minden. Fanette’s gifts sells Tubb’s X-Treme King Cakes. These cakes are made with a moist pastry dough and double the filling of an average king cake. Strawberry cream cheese is a customer favorite according to Whitney Floyd. The boutique has sold more than 170 cakes since they began selling them December 15. 

 “We get four to five cases every time we go,” Floyd said. 

Merle Norman is selling king cakes from Lilah’s bakery of Shreveport. Lilah’s offers 28 different flavors to choose from. Lilah’s uses danish dough and are baked in the classic ring shape. 

“It’s not dry. It’s fresh and moist. As soon as he pulls them out of the oven we go pick them up.” Cassidy Comeaux said. 

Merle Norman also takes special orders for flavors of the week. “It can be anything from red velvet to banana pudding,” Comeaux said. 

 The store usually sells out within a day or two and [we] return to the Lilah’s for more. 

Ace Hardware has joined the king cake game with Lowder King Cakes. Lowder is a new bakery owned by a couple in Shreveport. Manager John Carruth usually picks them up three days a week. Ace sells cream cheese and traditional cinnamon cakes. 

“They’re made fresh daily where some others are frozen when they’re brought in. 

“They try to make them as original to the New Orleans king cakes as possible. They’re moist doughy and not overfilled with filling,” Carruth says. 

Geaux Fresh offers a new twist on the Mardi Gras favorite with their and low-carb, sugar-free, and gluten free king cake bars for the health-conscious reveler. The base of the bar is made with almond flour and it has less than 10.12 carbs. There are also traditional king cake bars made with sugar. 

Jodie Martin, owner of Geaux Fresh has also developed a king cake cheesecake. It has a cinnamon bread crust base. Martin has changed her original cheesecake recipe to mirror a sturdy bavarian cream which is often used in king cakes. 

“We just wanted to do something different, I personally love king cake but I want to give people a different way to try king cakes,” Martin said, “It’s just fun to see another version of it.” 

If you’re grabbing coffee, The Broken Bean offers a king cake latte with a vanilla bean base, hazelnut flavoring and caramel with cinnamon sprinkles. The cafe also offers king cakes by the slice to have with some morning joe or full king cakes through provided through a local distributor. 

The tradition of the King cake is about 300 years old and began in France. King cakes are a celebratory sweet that honors the three kings who visited Jesus.

The original cake was made with a french bread dough with a bean hidden inside. Today we hide a baby. 

The person who finds the baby is usually designated to host the next king cake party. 

King cakes can come in a variety of shapes, sizes, and flavors but they all are made for a little taste celebration. 

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