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Cotton Valley honors C.C. “Cat” Cox

by Minden Press-Herald

Town of Cotton Valley proclaims Jan. 9 as “C.C. Cox Day”

The town of Cotton Valley is recognizing a community staple with his own day, every year, and plans to name part of the highway going through the town in his honor. 

C.C. “Cat” Cox, was Chief of Police in Cotton Valley for 26 years, and has been the Alderman mayor Pro-Tem for 9 years, a member of First Baptist Church for 62 years, and married to his wife for 70 years. 

“It’s kept me going, I’m 90 years old,” Cox said. 

Cox went to work for the town of Cotton Valley December 15, 1958. Cox first served as a police officer then Chief of Police. He served more than 20 years as a Webster Parish Police Juror and 46 years as a school bus driver. 

Cox has 12 years of experience as a member of the Cotton Valley Board of Alderman, a seat that he still holds. He has also been a member of the Community Action board for 46 years. 

A resolution was unanimously passed by the Cotton Valley Board of Alderman to honor Cox with January 9 as being C.C. Cox day. 

In addition to C.C. Cox Day, the town is working with the Louisiana Department of Transportation to rename the part of Highway 371 in Cotton Valley in his honor. 

“I’ve had a good life,” Cox said of his lifetime of service. 

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