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School secretary, principal arrested, accused of assault

by Minden Press-Herald



SPRINGHILL — An incident at a Springhill elementary school, which the top Springhill lawman believes was “a prank that went bad,” has two school employees facing misdemeanor charges for battery and conspiracy.

Springhill Chief of Police Will Lynd said a teacher at Browning Elementary School came to police headquarters about a week ago and reported she had been assaulted at the school.

“She told us she was restrained and licked on the cheek by the school secretary,” Lynd said. “When the secretary allegedly did this, we were told she turned and walked to the school office, held out her hand and the school principal placed a dollar in her hand.”



Lynd said the secretary allegedly said to the principal, “I told you I’d do it,” and the principal reportedly replied, “Well, you surely did.”

School secretary Karla Cook Peck, 52, who lives on 5th Street Northeast in Springhill, reportedly turned herself in to police after a city court warrant was issued charging her with simple battery. The school’s principal, 46-year-old Levester Lamon Mills, a resident of the Methodist Camp Road in Minden, also turned himself in on a warrant charging criminal conspiracy, Lynd said.

Webster Parish Superintendent of Schools Dr. Dan Rawls said he could not comment on the case since it is currently in the legal system. He did say the school system had a number of options that could affect the two employees, including suspension.

“Depending on the circumstances, suspension is one of several options,” he said. “We rely on the local jurisdiction to determine what happens. We have attorneys who keep up with the situation until we get to the bottom of it,” Rawls said.

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