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Second guilty plea in Omar Lott murder case

by Minden Press-Herald

J. Turk

J. Turk

The second Turk brother involved in the shooting death of Omar Lott entered a plea of guilty to accessory after the fact.

Dylan Turk entered his plea before 26th Judicial District Judge Parker Self.

Assistant district attorney Hugo Holland says Dylan Turk also entered a plea of guilty on charges of battery of a police officer and resisting an officer by flight and will be sentenced on those charges the same date.

“After careful review of the case, there was insufficient evidence that Dylan Turk, who was with his brother J’Son Turk when J’Son shot and killed Omar Lott, knew that J’Son was going to commit the murder,” Holland said. “We do not convict people in this country for merely being at the scene of a crime. Dylan, however, helped J’Son hide the body–and that makes him guilty of accessory after the fact.”

J’son Turk entered a plea of guilty Friday to manslaughter.

Lott was shot and killed Aug. 24, 2014 in what Webster investigators called a possible drug deal gone bad. Holland says J’Son Turk shot and killed Lott, and his brother, Dylan Turk, helped hide the body.

Lott’s remains were recovered in a wooded area off Walter Lyons Road three days after the shooting.

“(Dylan) Turk is dangerous,” Holland said. “However much time the judge gives him (and I know the Judge will be fair with his sentence) will not deter Mr. Dylan Turk from future criminal conduct. I will see him again.”

J’son Turk faces up to 40 years in prison, and the brothers are set for sentencing Feb. 1, 2016.

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