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Speaker Johnson: “Greatest Mismatch in the History of Presidential Debates”

by Minden Press-Herald

“There was only one man on that stage last night that is qualified and capable of being President in the next term. And that’s Donald J. Trump.”

WASHINGTON — This morning, following last night’s overwhelming debate victory for President Donald Trump, Speaker Johnson joined Fox & Friends to recap the debate and discuss its implications.

On Trump winning the debate:

On every metric of performance last night, Donald Trump won clearly. On the issues, on his temperament, on his stamina, the mental acuity. Listen, we live in very dangerous times. The American people are in panic mode about their own lives they can’t afford to put groceries on the table consistently. They they’re worried about the rising crime rates and the open border and the weakness that we’re projecting on the world stage; all these things because we have a weak commander in chief. This is not a game. This is the most important election of our lifetimes. That is not an overstatement, it’s not hyperbole, everybody knows it. Donald Trump showed last night that he can address these challenges and he can bring America back, and I’m telling you, it doesn’t matter what party you’re in. If you watch that debate, you’re nodding your head in agreement saying, ‘I want that.’

On impact of Biden’s performance:

It was sad to watch it. This is dangerous to put this on display for the country. We’re all concerned about this because our adversaries see this as well. We’re in a dangerous moment. We’ve got China, Russia, Iran, North Korea forming a new Axis of Evil making threats to us and our allies. We can’t afford to have this on the world stage. The only solace we have is that help is on the way. November can’t get here soon enough.

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