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Speaker Johnson joins Fox and Friends and the Hugh Hewitt Show to discuss the unjust Trump trial verdict

by Minden Press-Herald

WASHINGTON — This morning, Speaker Johnson joined Fox and Friends and The Hugh Hewitt Show to discuss the politically motivated, unjust conviction of President Trump, the Democrats’ double standard for justice, the GOP’s plan for 2025, and why Americans are frustrated with President Biden.  

Excerpts from both interviews below.

On the President Trump trial verdict (Hewitt):

We know that Michael Cohen perjured himself on the stand. He should have been impugned as a witness, and he wasn’t, and the entire case is premised and built upon his testimony, a known procedure. There are so many grounds for appeal, or I think it’s a certainty that it will be overturned. It’s just it’s going to take us some months to do that, I’m afraid and the peril of all this and that’s of course, what the Democrats knew and what they wanted all along.

…This will drag this out now for another month for sentencing and then all the way through the convention. That’s that’s the game. That was the design of what they wanted to do. Call Donald Trump a convicted felon, try to attack his character all the way through.

On the Democrats’ double standard of justice (Fox):

I’m telling you that the people see right through it. I’ve been all across the country, north, south, east, west. Doesn’t matter whether I’m in a blue state or red state. People are disgusted by this, they see exactly what’s happening: old charges, a tainted judge. I mean, think of it in the last couple of weeks. They’ve been apoplectic. They want Justice Alito to be recused from, you know, future cases in proceedings because his wife flew a flag at their house. This judge on this case in Manhattan was an open Biden supporter an open you know, activist a political activist, and no one cared about that. So, the double standard is clear. Everybody sees it.

On President Trump’s first 100 days (Hewitt):

The reconciliation process is so important because you know that it requires only a bare majority vote in the Senate instead of a 60-vote threshold. We’re going to use it aggressively and broadly. We’ve got a multi-pronged plan to do that because we need massive policy change. Those issues you mentioned are high on our list. There were other things as well, I mean, including even immigration, so I think that the the Byrd Rule, we can survive that not to get too deep in the weeds. A lot of people don’t follow all this, but the Democrats used it very broadly last time, and they kind of set a new precedent. And so, we’re making some very important plans for how to do that.

…We’re very bullish and optimistic about what we’ll be able to achieve in that. Look, we gotta fix every metric of public policy to Joe Biden and Democrats that messed it all up, of course. And I told President Trump recently, Mr. President in your next term, which I’m convinced you’ll get to be the most consequential president of the modern era, sir, because obviously, we gotta fix everything. And he knows that. He gets it. And we’re gonna have a very aggressive first 100 days agenda in the new Congress, new administration, and I think it’s gonna excite people.

On why Americans are frustrated with President Biden (Hewitt):

I think no matter where you are in the country right now, I mentioned I’ve been to over 110 cities 29 states last six months. The issues are the same. I mean, they really are. Doesn’t matter where you are north, south, east west. That’s what’s been on everybody’s hearts and minds. It’s inflation. It’s the immigration, the open border, the infirmity of the President, I would add another “I”. How about instability on the world stage, which really all of this leads into. That’s a real problem…

We’ve got hot wars around the globe and China, Russia and Iran all working together against Israel, of course with us as well. And in the free world. These are dangerous times, and there’s a lot to discuss. And people have a lot on their hearts and minds, and they’re fed up. They’re ready for change.

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