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Speaker Johnson: Some Democrats want noncitizens determining elections

by Minden Press-Herald

WASHINGTON — At today’s House Republican Leadership press conference, Speaker Johnson addressed the baseless ICC arrest warrants for Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu and others, the Senate Democrats attempt to revive their failed immigration messaging bill, and Congressional Democrats supporting noncitizens voting in elections.

“And if this voting bill can’t pass, everybody watch very closely, it’s going to be proof positive that there are some Democrats who want illegal aliens deciding election outcomes,” Speaker Johnson said. “It’s going to be clear. They don’t want Americans deciding American elections.”

On ICC arrest warrants:

And let me address first, it’s top of mind for us, the death of Iran’s President. We would just say clearly that the world is a little bit safer place this morning because of that. He was a clearly a malign force to the Iranian people and to Israel and the West. While he engaged in torture and terror, the International Criminal Court – I think it’s important to note this morning, maybe ironically – they never targeted him or even considered arresting him. But instead, what we see right now is the ICC has chosen to target Israel with baseless and illegitimate arrest warrants, and it’s attempting to equate Israel’s just war for its existence with the horrific acts of the October 7th massacre.

To us this is just unconscionable. We’re not going to allow them to use warfare to undermine state sovereignty or usurp the authority of democratic nations. America should punish the ICC and put Karim Khan back in his place. And if the ICC is allowed to threaten Israel’s leaders, we know that America will be next. There is a reason that we’ve never endorsed the International Criminal Court because it is a direct affront to our own sovereignty. We don’t put any international body above American sovereignty and Israel doesn’t do that either.

Congress is reviewing all of our options right now. We have some very aggressive legislation that we’re going to push is as quickly as possible. It will impose sanctions, and if the ICC moves forward with its absurd warrant] request, this all this is going to be an even bigger international problem.

On the Senate’s attempt to revive the failed immigration bill:

Now you have Senator Schumer who’s trying to give his vulnerable members cover for this because they’ve created this catastrophe, by voting on a bill which has already failed in the Senate. It may not even get 50 votes because it’s a bad bill. And it’s really a phony messaging exercise that’s going to go nowhere. The House of course, as we all know, we talk about in here all the time, we passed multiple bipartisan bills to secure the border and deport criminal illegal immigrants, including the Laken Riley act.

But every single measure that we have sent to the Senate has been blocked by Senator Schumer. If he was serious in his attempt to secure the border, Senator Schumer would bring up HR 2, the Secure the Border Act, which as you all know, was the most comprehensive border security bill ever passed by Congress that we did now more than 13 months ago. It’s been sitting on Chuck Schumer’s desk. If they were serious, they would move that legislation through the Senate and get it to the President’s desk and he would sign it into law.

But they are not serious about it because they engineered the open border. Do not ever forget, we documented at least 64 specific executive actions that President Biden himself took beginning on the first day he walked into the Oval Office and that his agency’s at DHS under the direction of Secretary Mayorkas, whom we impeached in the house, that they engineered they opened the border why they did it intentionally. They’re not serious about the issue.

On Democrats encouraging noncitizens to vote:

Many leading Democrats here in Washington want illegal aliens in our country. Why? So they can become voters, and they can affect the outcome of the census in six years to affect reapportionment in Congress. Now, if you want example of that, look at the District of Columbia, that’s what Leader Scalise was mentioning. The city council has decided they want noncitizens and foreign actors deciding who will serve as mayor and local attorney general here. As the body in charge of overseeing DC. Congress will not support such lawless behavior. It’s violation of federal law.

We’re not going to let Russian spies and criminal aliens decide who runs our nation’s capital. We’re just not going to do it. And that’s why the house is voting this week to reverse the dangerous decisions by the DC city council and bar noncitizens from voting in DC elections. I was grateful when Congress and the White House work together to reverse DC’s dangerous revisions to the criminal code. And if this voting bill can’t pass, everybody watch very closely, it’s going to be proof positive that there are some Democrats who want illegal aliens deciding election outcomes. It’s going to be clear. They don’t want Americans deciding American elections.

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