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Speaker Johnson Urges Action on Border Crisis Amid Biden’s Border Visit

by Minden Press-Herald

WASHINGTON – Speaker Mike Johnson (R-La) has joined congressional leaders in addressing the ongoing border crisis and expressing disappointment with President Biden’s approach to the situation. During a recent gathering, Speaker Johnson echoed concerns about the President’s planned visit to the border, labeling it as “too little, too late.”

Joined by Leader Steve Scalise, Whip Tom Emmer, Vice Chair Blake Moore, and Congresswoman Beth Van Duyne, Speaker Johnson discussed the urgent need for action to address the border crisis. The group highlighted the severity of the situation and emphasized the importance of securing the border to protect American communities.

“In this critical moment, we must prioritize America’s needs first, and that means securing our border,” Speaker Johnson emphasized. “Every state is a border state, and the crisis at our southern border affects us all.”

Expressing disappointment with President Biden’s response to the crisis, Speaker Johnson criticized the President’s planned visit to Brownsville, TX, which he referred to as the “29th ranked hotspot” for border crossings. He described the visit as a mere “photo op” and stressed the need for real action to address the root causes of the crisis.

“The President’s visit to Brownsville is too little, too late,” Speaker Johnson stated firmly. “We need meaningful action to address the chaos and insecurity at our border.”

Speaker Johnson also contrasted President Biden’s approach to border security with that of former President Trump, highlighting the stark differences in their policies. “President Trump prioritized border security and enforcement,” Speaker Johnson noted. “But President Biden’s policies have only exacerbated the crisis.”

The Speaker highlighted the tragic consequences of illegal immigration, citing the case of Laken Riley, a nursing student killed by an illegal immigrant. “We cannot ignore the human cost of open borders,” he declared. “We need immediate action to secure our border and protect American lives.”

In conclusion, Speaker Johnson urged President Biden to take executive action to address the border crisis, emphasizing the urgent need for strong leadership to protect American communities. “We cannot wait any longer,” he emphasized. “The safety and security of our nation depend on it.”

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