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Stolen prescription leads to Cotton Valley man’s arrest

by Minden Press-Herald



A Cotton Valley man who reportedly filled a prescription that didn’t belong to him has been arrested.
John Weston “Johnny” Scoggins, 37, of the 100 block of Berry Street in Minden, but allegedly lives in Cotton Valley, was arrested Saturday, Sept. 12, and charged with theft, criminal conspiracy, prohibited acts, distribution of Schedule IV CDS, possession of drug paraphernalia and possession of Schedule I CDS. Bond totaled $150,000.

Cotton Valley police chief Terry Brown says Scoggins’ arrest stems from an incident where he filled prescriptions for Xanax and Ambien that did not belong to him. He reportedly called in the prescriptions to a Springhill pharmacy and had the Xanax filled, and while at the pharmacy, had them fill the prescription for the Ambien.

“Mr. Scoggins had a young lady move in with him, and when the young lady left, he went through her bag and found two prescription bottles, a bottle of Ambien and a bottle of Xanax,” Brown said. “He noticed that the Xanax had a refill on the bottle, so he called in the Xanax to a pharmacy in Springhill.”

Brown says Scoggins got a ride from another young lady to a pawnshop in Springhill and pawned a computer.

Once he left the pawnshop, he went to the pharmacy to pick up the Xanax prescription, paying for it with the money he received from the computer pawn, he said.

“He walked into the pharmacy, pulled out his driver’s license – the camera got him on tape – put his driver’s license on the counter and picked up this woman’s prescription,” he said. “He found out there was another prescription for Ambien and he got that too. He gave half of both prescriptions to the lady who drove him up there.”

According to the police report, upon his arrest, police officers smelled a strong odor of what they believed to be marijuana coming from the Scoggins’ home. In plain sight, officers noted rolling papers and suspected marijuana on the table just inside the door.

Arresting officers were Lt. Richard Davis and Brown, assisted by Officer Jasson Fitzgerald.

Brown says other arrests are pending in this case.

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