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Support Local Animal Shelters on National Pet Week

As this week marks National Pet Week, take some time to appreciate all the furry, affectionate companions in your life. Consider taking them out for a nice walk or bringing them to a routine vet visit. Even if you don’t own pets, one way you can celebrate this occasion is by supporting your local animal shelter. 

Unlike many national animal groups, local shelters work tirelessly to house animals in need and place them with loving families. Unfortunately, big organizations like the ASPCA and the Humane Society of the United States (HSUS) care more about raising money than saving pets. Need proof? Recent research found that the ASPCA only gives about 2 percent of its budget to pet shelters–all while sitting on over $500 million in assets. Animal lovers should also know that the ASPCA and HSUS aren’t affiliated with local SPCAs or humane societies.

If you want to best help pets, give locally. And who knows? Perhaps on this National Pet Week, you will choose to save a life and welcome a shelter pet into your family.


Will Coggin

Managing Director

Help Pet Shelters