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Suspect: Drug sales supported child

by Minden Press-Herald



SIBLEY — A Webster Parish woman who reportedly told deputies she was trying to earn a living for her child is being held on illegal drug charges and her six-month-old is in the custody of the office of child protective services.

Sheriff Gary Sexton said deputies received information Tuesday expressing concern over conditions in a Sibley residence where a woman was living with her child. Sexton said his deputies made contact with the child’s mother, 29-year-old Amie R. Higgins.

“Our officers went to the house on Southeast 3rd Street in Sibley and received permission to enter,” Sexton said. “The conditions were unsafe, especially for a small child, due to dog feces on the floor and bugs everywhere. The residence was filthy. Our deputies said it wasn’t the worst house they’d been in, but it was very bad.”

During their inspection of the house, deputies reportedly saw pipes for smoking marijuana and other alleged drug paraphernalia in plain sight. A further search led officers to a more incriminating discovery, Sexton said.

“They found a lock box which contained methamphetamine and marijuana, and $90 in cash was also found inside the box,” the sheriff said. “A .50 caliber rifle was discovered in the bedroom and the suspect said it belonged to her.”

Sexton said officers found 3.44 grams of methamphetamine packaged to sell, plus 65.32 grams of marijuana packaged to sale was found inside the lock box.

“The suspect told our deputies that the narcotics belonged to her and that she was just trying to make a living for her child,” Sexton said.

Charges against Higgins include possession of CDS Sch. I (marijuana) with intent to distribute, possession of CDS Sch. II (methamphetamine) with intent to distribute, possession of drug paraphernalia, illegal use of a controlled substance in the presence of a juvenile and illegal carrying of weapons.



A second female in the house, 26-year-old Jessica Danielle Batton of the 2100 block of Hwy. 531 in Minden, was also arrested on two drug possession charges, Sexton said. Batton is charged with possession of CDS Sch. I (marijuana), possession of CDS Sch. II (methamphetamine) plus obstruction of justice.

“Deputies said Ms. Batton tried to hide the dope from them. She was laying beside the drugs trying to keep deputies from finding it,” Sexton said.

Sexton said the child was placed with a family friend by child protective services. “The child’s situation will be closely monitored, as will the mother’s, to determine if further action is needed,” the sheriff said.

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