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The Farm receives recycling containers

by Minden Press-Herald

Recycling bins are now sitting outside the gate at The Farm for the public to have a place to recycle their paper and cardboard items.

Dani Deshotel, executive director of The Farm at the Cultural Crossroads, said two bins have been placed at The Farm to accept cardboard and newspapers. Recycling is a part of their sustainability program where they will use some of the goods for projects at The Farm.

“We’re partnering with MAR-C Industries and they are bringing us a cardboard recycle container and bins for plastics,” Deshotel said. “Most plastics are No. 2 and most No. 1 plastics are plastic drink bottles and milk jugs.”

The No. 2 plastics include detergent bottles, like empty dishwasher detergent containers, plastic laundry containers, and the like. A bin has already been set out for the collection of newspapers and magazines. She said these would be used by The Farm for their projects. They are also collecting cardboard, such as half-gallon milk cartons for planting in the greenhouse.

Right now, the bins are only for cardboard and newspaper collections.

Deshotel said a “lasagna” garden has been set near the movie screen using newspapers. It’s a form of “no-dig” gardening, she said. She explained it is a layer of newspaper, compost and leaves. The process is repeated, layered like lasagna.

“The newspaper kills the grass beneath, and the plant will take root in the ground without disturbing anything or tilling up dirt,” she said. “I have one lasagna garden made, and it’s one of the things we’re going to teach the kids this spring. It’s an easy way to build a raised bed with scraps.”
And partnering with MAR-C Industries, she says, also helps the company create jobs.

Angelita Hudson, executive director of MAR-C, says she’s excited about the partnership.

“As soon as we can get a bin out there, we’ll get started,” Hudson said.

The bins MAR-C is providing will accept cardboard, white paper, magazines and the No. 1 and No. 2 plastics. Examples include:

Mouthwash bottles

Peanut butter containers

Salad dressing and vegetable oil containers

Milk jugs and juice bottles

Bleach and liquid laundry detergent containers

Household cleaner bottles

Motor oil bottles, and

Butter and yogurt tubs

Hudson said in a letter to their supporters that MAR-C will soon begin accepting aluminum cans as well.

To be clear, the only bins available at The Farm are cardboard and newspapers. MAR-C is expected to get more recycling bins placed at The Farm as they become available.
MAR-C provides opportunities for their employees to work in areas of ironing, yard work, shredding documents, collecting recyclables and small assembly jobs.
“Each task that they learn is a training opportunity that instills pride,” she writes.

Right now, recycling of aluminum cans and plastics are accepted at MAR-C, 1400 Commerce St. in Minden.

For more information on The Farm, the recycling bins offered or their sustainability program, call Deshotel at 318-268-2122. For more information on recyclable items at MAR-C, call them at 377-4774.

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