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The pot calling the kettle black

by Minden Press-Herald

The Bible (God’s inspired word given to man) clearly and emphatically states the principle of right and wrong. John 10:1.

If the ones that make comments or decisions concerning the problem about the border of Texas, New Mexico, Arizona, and California do not want to use the Bible as a guide, let them take a look at the contradictions of their own lifestyle.

These lower states of the continental United States share a common border with the country of Mexico. The defining, obvious separation is the Rio Grande River. 

As other countries have done, the U.S. and Mexico have established ports of entry. These ports have customs-inspection stations you go through to enter or depart from either side. If you walk through, you have to show identification. If you drive through, you and your vehicle are examined.

The practice of swimming across the river to Texas to pick cotton or vegetables was considered O.K. These people came across, worked hard, kept to themselves, and did not cause trouble.

When picking season was over, they went back to their homeland, Mexico, and used those hard-earned dollars to survive.

These people were not GIVEN money, cell phones, iPods, computers, or hotel accommodations. No driver’s license, green cards, or credit cards.

Granted, times have changed

Principles have not! 

There is a right way and many wrong ways to achieve a goal.

To those politicians, news commentators, the media (printed or viewable), and anyone who condemns these states that oppose mass illegal entry, take a good look at your lifestyle, your actions.

Does anyone, from the president down through Congress, on down to us, the lowest estate, have a Walmart sliding door (that opens when its sensor detects a presence) installed at the entrance of their home? 

Why does the president and most elected officials have security guards? Why live in a gated community? Why have cameras and alarms installed? Why lock your doors and bar your windows?

To those that are quick to condemn the states that use common sense, to deter mass illegal entrance:

Get the BEAM out of your own eye before you try to take the mote out of the EYES OF TEXAS! Matthew 7:5 or Luke 6:42.

By Pat Burdine of Heflin, LA

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