Time to celebrate the season

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Submitted by columnist Fannie Moore

Fall has finally arrived.

Even though the calendar noted its arrival a few weeks ago, the weather is just now making itself known. We have enjoyed some pleasant weather for the past few weeks, with a few extra warm days thrown in its midst. But, overall, we’re now experiencing the true fall season.

When this arrives each year, it puts me in the travel mood. Not long trips, especially, but short one or two day trips to witness the beauty of the season. I’m not sure how much we’ll be able to travel this fall due to the health situation always looming with the Covid 19. However, I’m hoping we can make a few short trips into Arkansas and maybe other nearby places.

One trip we usually make each year is the drive to Mena where we ride up the mountain to savor the beauty of the fall colors. Lunch at the Lodge can top off the ride and make for a pleasant experience.

Years ago, we would make a week long trip to Tennessee where we reveled in the beauty of the Smoky Mountains around Gatlinburg. We would take the drive out to Cades Cove where we were taken back in time to the farmstead of long ago. It evoked memories of our days of growing up on a farm where we experienced some of the same methods of providing our needs.

The drive out provided scenery that was hard to top. Mountain streams with colored leaves floating causally downstream. These were breathtaking with the crystal clear water topped with leaves of many shades.

In Pigeon Forge we visited the Apple Barn and watched the process of preparing apple cider. There was a small eating area where one could enjoy their apple pies and other goodies. The adjoining gift store had everything “apple”. Knick knacks, kitchen items, and naturally the simple apple souvenirs.

We more or less avoided the “touristy” things so we had more time to take in the beauty of nature. The Master Artist has painted a masterpiece that cannot be rivaled by man.

Well, this year, aging and health matters will prevent us from taking the long trips but we are hoping we can make the shorter ones.

In the meantime, I will probably be found in the kitchen where I will be baking items that evoke those fall memories.

Last week it was gingerbread and this week, I’m thinking its time for an applesauce cake. That is usually my first “fall” dessert, made with walnuts added to the batter. Then, in a couple of weeks, it will be Hubby’s birthday and he always gets the Fresh Apple cake for that.

There will be fried pies (apple and peach), cookies and other goodies. This all leads up to the annual Fruit Cake baking that we do the week of Thanksgiving. This will be followed by the cookie and candy making for Christmas.

I don’t want to rush into the Christmas season, but take the time to enjoy these beautiful fall days.

If you’re wanting to drive and enjoy the fall colors there is no better place than Arkansas, going as far as Eureka Springs. Shorter trips to Mena, Hot Springs, Arkadelphia and others up that way. And, let’s not forget north Louisiana. One of the simplest and most beautiful drives is Highway 159, north from Minden. It’s not quite that far along yet, but should be soon. There will be all colors alongside the road. providing a vibrant landscape.

Take daily walks near your home and enjoy the sights all around you.You might be surprised at how much beauty is there in your own back yard.

If you’re unable to get out to enjoy the season, re-live them in your memories. Look through pictures that you or someone else has taken of the fall colors and envision you being there.

And, if all else fails, go to the kitchen, as I intend to do, and bake up some memories. Or get a friend to join you and share the time with you.

Whatever you choose to do at this time, remember to give thanks to the one who makes all of this possible.


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