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Town hall meeting set for Tuesday

by Minden Press-Herald

City council members representing districts A, B and C are having a town hall for constituents Tuesday, May 2.

Councilwoman Fayrine Kennon-Gilbert, District B said she and Councilmen Wayne Edwards, District A and Vincen Bradford, District C are hosting the meeting at St. Rest Baptist Church. It starts at 7 p.m.

Kennon-Gilbert says the meeting will be an informal gathering to answer questions citizens have or hear any concerns.

She also hopes to get public input on adding a fee to utility bills that would be used for police raises, as well as raises for other city employees.

“I want input from my constituents on whether they agree to have fees added to their utility bills,” Kennon-Gilbert said. “This is just an opportunity to ask any questions or bring up any concerns they have.”

Other elected officials, including Mayor Tommy Davis and Police Chief Steve Cropper, are expected to be in attendance.

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