J. Turk
J. Turk
Dylan Turk
Dylan Turk

A man accused of the August 2014 murder of Omar Lott has been set to go to trial June 15, and his brother’s original bond has been revoked and reset at $100,000.

J’Son Turk’s attorney, Chris Broughton, filed a motion to step down as counsel, and Judge Parker Self appointed the indigent defender board to take his case until such time he can retain paid counsel.

Eric Johnson, attorney for Dylan Turk, J’Son’s brother, says his case was continued until May 18 due to his brother’s case.

“His bond was raised,” Johnson said of Dylan Turk. “He had some new charges for which he was arrested last week, and Mr. (Hugo) Holland, in light of his arrest on the new charges last week, sought to raise his bond and Judge Self granted that request on behalf of the state.”
At this time, Johnson says he doesn’t know that they’ll fight the issue of his bond, but rather try to resolve the issue.

Dylan Turk is charged with accessory to first-degree murder that carries a sentence of 0 to 5 years, with or without hard labor, Johnson says.

“He was initially arrested and charged with principal to murder and then Mr. Holland, after reviewing the case with Det. Scott Tucker with the sheriff’s office, decided instead to charge him with accessory after the fact,” Johnson said. “At some point, in all likelihood, we’ll enter a plea and have him sentenced by Judge Self.”

His brother, J’Son Turk, is charged with first-degree murder. Sheriff Gary Sexton and District Attorney Schuyler Marvin initially said J’Son Turk admitted to firing the fatal shots after an alleged drug deal involving synthetic marijuana.

Originally, Murphy Robertson was charged with Lott’s murder, but once J’Son confessed, those
charges were dropped. Not dismissed were weapons charges when he was initially arrested.

Lott’s remains were found in a wooded area off Walter Lyons Road three days after he was killed.