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Trial set in oil and gas supplies theft case

by Minden Press-Herald

A Sibley man accused of theft of oil and gas equipment, among several other charges, has been set for trial on two different dates.

Michael Bryant, 63, of the 100 block of Brushy Creek Road in Sibley, is set to go to trial Sept. 14, on charges of theft of oil and gas equipment over $25,000, operating a vehicle without a driver’s license and operating a vehicle in an unsafe condition. Another trial date, Oct. 23, has been set for charges of criminal trespassing and theft under $500.

Assistant district attorney Marcus Patillo says the two trial dates are set for two different incidents.

“He and another man were attempting to steal some equipment, but they were stopped before they could get out with the property,” he said, “however, they were still charged. They had the property, but the owners arrived at the scene before they could take the property.”

According to Bryant’s bill of information, the incident occurred on Aug. 13, 2013, where he is accused of “stealing machinery, drilling mud, welding equipment, pipe, fittings, pumps or any other oil and gas equipment used in connection with the drilling, production or maintenance of oil and gas wells, with the intent to deprive the owner or lessee of said items of a value of $25,000 or more.”

The other charges stem from an incident on April 2, 2014, where he was accused of stealing two riding lawn mowers.

When deputies arrived at Bryant’s Brushy Creek residence, Bryant told Capt. Don Smith he had permission to take “scrap from the Duggan Lane address,” according to the police report.

Following a check by Chief Deputy Bobby Igo Jr., deputies learned Bryant did not have permission to take anything from the Duggan Lane residence.

Smith goes on to say in his report that Bryant had four active warrants, and he was placed under arrest and booked at Bayou Dorcheat Correctional Center.

Bryant was originally charged with four warrants: theft of oil and gas equipment, no driver’s license, vehicle without proper equipment and contempt of court. He was also originally charged with simple theft and criminal trespass.

Patillo says the contempt of court charge has been dismissed, but the above trial dates will be maintained on the remaining charges.

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