Two apply for Webster Schools superintendent job

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Two applicants have applied for Webster Schools’ top job.

Byron Lyons, of East Cleveland, Ohio, and Interim Superintendent Johnny Rowland are the only two who applied for the superintendent’s position. The two applications were opened during Monday night’s meeting, and more about the applicants will be released as their applications are made public.

Board President Charles Strong said the applications will be sent to a third party for review to make sure each applicant meets the requirements for the job.

Interviews will be the week of June 19-23, and on Monday, June 26, a special meeting is set to possibly name the parish’s new superintendent.

In other news, Rowland presented board members with two drafts of the contract for administrators, principals and supervisors during the
superintendent’s report. One was the current contract, and another is a proposed draft with some of the language changed.

He said the proposed contract is an update to the current one. Principals, supervisors and administrators are hired on two-year contracts, and at the end of the two years, each one is to be evaluated before their contract is either renewed or terminated.

“I asked Jon Guice if we needed to update our contract, and he said, ‘Yes, you do,’” Rowland said. “This is the updated contract he sent to us.”

In the May board meeting, board member Frankie Mitchell questioned whether the evaluations were taking place, because they were not seeing the contracts either at hire or renewal in their packets. Those contracts must be recorded in the meeting minutes to show that they’d seen them, she said.

Act 548 dictates that, “Prior to the board’s approval of any initial or subsequent contract of employment pursuant to the provisions of this Section, the superintendent shall disclose all terms of such a contract to the board.”

Board member John Madden, District 6, said that wasn’t being done.

On June 12, a personnel meeting has been set for 5 p.m., and a finance committee meeting has been set for 5:30 for the second half of budget revisions for 2016-17.

The board also approved:

A bid for $125,000 for restroom renovations at Brown Upper Elementary School

A change order to take out trees and add a new sidewalk on Ash Street from the relocated ticket booth to the visitors’ entrance at the Minden High School stadium for $10,976 using District 6 half -cent sales tax

A change order to revise the retaining wall foundation soil for the retaining wall at the MHS stadium for $3,858, extend two existing manhole covers to the new finish grade and add 20 feet of fence at the track, using District 6 half-cent sales tax

The purchase of classroom furniture from BMS for Lakeside Jr./Sr. High School for $19,895 using Consolidated 3 Maintenance Fund

Surplus vehicles to be sold at auction

The Minden Press-Herald as the official journal for the fiscal year 2017-18.

To contract with Yeager, Watson and Associates to serve as the architect for Lakeside to address HVAC efficiency, replace carpeting with new tile and flooring, address drainage issues at the football and track field and reconditioning of the track surface.

The solicitation of quotes and complete work for Lakeside to replace the roof on the baseball/softball fieldhouse and provide dirt work to address erosion concerns around the sidewalks and drains on campus

The purchase of a leaf blower for $239 for Brown Upper Elementary School, using the Springhill Maintenance Fund

Detel Computer Solutions to install technology and hardware for computers for the new classrooms at Lakeside for $9,087, using Consolidated 3 Maintenance Fund.

Brown Glass Company to replace the entry door with a double frame at J.L. Jones Elementary School for $6,200, using District 6 half-cent sales tax

Advertising and taking bids for the drainage project at Browning Elementary School, using the Springhill Maintenance Fund

Advertising and taking of bids for an audio system at the MHS football stadium, using District 6 half-cent sales tax

Carpet cleaning by A Cleaner Carpet, for North Webster Jr. High School, for $574, using Sarepta Maintenance Fund

Workers’ Compensation Excess Coverage from Midwest for $51,367 for 2017-18 and 2018-19.


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