Webster fire district 3 receives donated fire truck

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DOYLINE – Webster Parish Fire District 3 is adding another fire truck to its fleet thanks to the generosity of the City of Monroe.

Fire Chief James Ward said he was humbled by their generosity and the truck is a great asset to their fleet. It is a 1996 model with a 750-gallon water tank and foam pump.

The 1996 model fire truck has a foam suppression system, the first to be added to WPFD 3’s fleet. Fire Chief James Ward said the truck should be in service within two to three weeks.

“The one good thing about the truck is that it’s got a foam system on it,” he said. “We do not have any trucks with a foam system on it. We won’t have to mix up foam in our water tanks. This one will be the first truck on scene.”

Ward said they hope to drop the Village of Doyline’s PIAL rating from a seven to a six. With the addition of the truck, that should help, he said.
“We’re working hard to get that rating dropped any way we can,” he said. “This shows the community that we’re committed to whatever it takes.”

WPFD has three stations, and the truck will go to station 2 at the intersection of Hwy. 163 and Boothville Road. The addition of this truck allows the department to have an engine and tanker at all three stations.

Mayor Stephen Bridwell said the truck is going to be a great asset to Doyline and its constituents in that it will allow for faster response time to a fire, and that speed could save a life.

“It’s evidence of our upward mobility,” he said. “This is a great sign that larger communities are looking out for us, for all of our constituents inside and outside of our districts. The fact that the City of Monroe would donate such an investment to us is very humbling.”

Monroe Fire Chief Terry Williams said they are glad to have the ability to give to others.

“We put four new trucks into service and I had this truck, and I was trying to decide to do with it,” he said, adding someone mentioned Doyline needing a truck. “We’re just happy to be able to help out some of our neighboring cities. If it can save a life, that’s what we want to do.”

Jamie Mayo, mayor of Monroe, said he was grateful the city council saw fit to donate the truck to Doyline.

“We’re excited to be able to help other communities in our state, and Doyline is no stranger to us,” he said. “Our police chief is from Doyline and two of my best friends played basketball at Doyline High School. We’re excited we had the opportunity to give this to Doyline. This is a big deal for us too.”

Monroe Police Chief Quentin Holmes is a native of Doyline, and said he was proud to be able to give back to his hometown. He described a moment when the fire department had little to nothing to work with, saying a car caught on fire at the high school and the department ran out of water between the fire station and the site of the fire.

“I know it’s improved,” he said. “This is a tremendous asset. I was excited when I learned the truck was coming here, because we’re always talking about Doyline hospitality and how kind and generous we are. I think it’s a tremendous donation, and this is what Monroe does. We help out a lot of cities, because we’re all about helping others and saving lives.”

Ward said the truck will undergo a facelift and should be in service within two to three weeks.


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