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Webster Parish man steals table, attemtpts to sell it back to property owner

by Minden Press-Herald

Earlier this week Webster Parish deputies responded to a peculiar call, one that involved a property owner stumbling across David Hawk, 54, disassembling a dining table in the front yard of the property he stole it out of, all while trying to sell the table along with other items found there back to the property owner. 

“We arrived on scene, the property owner was speaking with the individual that was reported to have been stealing. That person was identified as David Hawk. According to the property owner, he arrived on scene and found David taking apart a dining room table in the yard. David then began trying to sell 2 dog houses and an aluminum boat to the property owner, as David did not realize he was actually talking to the property owner,” the booking report stated. 

The property owner stated that the table came from inside the trailer house on the property. At first, Hawk tried to deny this claim but, with the slightest bit of critical thinking being applied, it was obvious that the table had been taken from the home. 

“David would not admit that he went into the trailer, however, the table David was taking apart that came from inside did not have any morning dew on it. The table was in the grass that was covered in morning dew. The grass underneath the table was also wet with morning dew and the grass was still very green and it was obvious David brought the table outside of the trailer,” the report read.

Later Hawk admitted to his misdeeds and was arrested shortly after. “David admitted that none of the property belonged to him, and the property owner did not allow David on the property. The property owner did not even know who David was,” the report read. 

Hawk was arrested and booked into BDCC for simple burglary. Background checks revealed that Hawk has had a lengthy history of thefts and burglary arrests. 

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