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Webster Parish School Board approves superintendent’s contract with incentives

by Amber McDown

The Webster Parish School Board (WPSB) met for their regular meeting on July 9, following a postponement due to inclement weather on July 8. All board members attended, either in person or via livestream, and unanimously approved all agenda items.

A significant focus of the meeting was the approval of Superintendent Rowland’s contract. The standard four-year contract, presented by Attorney Jon Guice, included notable changes reflecting the upcoming assessment system for teachers and administrators set to begin in the 2025-26 school year.

Performance-based incentives were a key addition to the contract. Guice emphasized the importance of these incentives in promoting school performance and improvement. Goals outlined for the incentives include raising end-of-course scores, increasing the number of highly effective teachers, and boosting the high school graduation rate. Board Member Susan Addington of District 12 supported using no cap on the incentives, stating, “I personally think that, if he meets all six of these objectives for incentive pay, he should get the full incentive. If you can do all of this in a year…those are some pretty phenomenal goals.” The board approved the contract with no cap on the incentives.

Additionally, Board Member Jonathan Guthrie of District 4 proposed a $5,000 increase in the base salary for the superintendent, marking the first raise in seven years. This proposal was approved. Guthrie also suggested increasing the technology allowance from $25 per month to $150 per month, which the board also passed.

In other business, the board approved proposals from Homeland Safety for security cameras at Harper Pathways to Excellence Center totaling $96,469.30. The funding for this project will come from various maintenance tax funds, allocated based on student enrollment from different high schools in the parish.

Superintendent Rowland addressed the board regarding traffic cameras in Springhill, highlighting an agreement with the Springhill Police Department to share revenue generated by the cameras outside the high school. Police Chief Will Lynd reported an average monthly revenue of $3,000-$5,000 from these cameras and requested consideration of using this revenue for salary raises for Springhill police officers. The board will discuss this proposal in the next month’s meeting.

Various expenditures for campus repairs and improvements using maintenance funds were also approved.

The next WPSB meeting is scheduled for August 5 at 6 PM at the school board offices located at 1442 Sheppard Street. The public is welcome to attend.

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