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Webster Parish Sheriff’s Office under investigation, accused of nepotism

by Minden Press-Herald

The Webster Parish Sheriff’s Office is under scrutiny as allegations of nepotism, missing money and inmate abuse have surfaced.

KTBS Channel 3 is reporting the Louisiana State Board of Ethics sent letters to Chief Deputy Bobby Igo Jr. and Bayou Dorcheat Correctional Center Warden John Lewis notifying them of the board’s intent to investigate allegations of nepotism.

Both have sons working within the sheriff’s office.

Sheriff Gary Sexton reportedly told the KTBS the nepotism law only applies to him, not those working under him.

It is reported the ethics board will be looking into other allegations of money missing from
the sale of scrap metal from the demolition of Union Elementary School in Doyline as well as inmate abuse.

Sexton says he can’t talk about the allegations under the advice of his attorney, Rick Sterritt, counsel for the WPSO.

“I’m ready to answer allegation that’s made,” he said. “I’m ready to lay it out on the table, but I can’t until the ethics board says the confidentiality of this matter has now been destroyed. They sent the information to the wrong people. We can’t answer the allegations and make public the allegations, no more than what they are right now, until my attorney says I can. And as soon as I can talk, I’m willing to sit down and talk with anybody anytime.”

But, he told KTBS he will cooperate fully with investigators and allow them to talk to the employees regarding the nepotism accusation. He claims he doesn’t know anything about the other allegations, he said to KTBS.

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