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Who’s gonna fill their shoes?

by Minden Press-Herald

Continuing my thoughts on “Who’s going to fill their shoes?” I am listing others that come to mind who are filling the shoes left by parents and grandparents.

The Cones and Hunters

Last week I mentioned Mr. N. J. Cone being succeeded in the seed and feed business by his son, Norman J. Cone, Jr. I received a call from a young man who is employed at Gibsland Bank here in Minden. He was appreciative that I had remember his grandfather, and he brought me up-to-date. He is Norman J. Cone, III, and he said at his home he had a son, Norman J. Cone, IV. How about that — four generations of Norman J. Cones who have touched our lives here in Minden

Coca-Cola Bottling Company began in 1901 as the North La. Bottling Company, headed by W. S. Hunter. Upon his retirement his son, Larry Hunter assumed the leadership. Following World War II and their college days, the three sons – Joe, Bill, and Ben were the leaders for the Coca-Cola Bottling Company.

Today the fourth generation of the Hunter family is in the place of leadership – Don Hunter who is the son of Joe Hunter.

Vets and Construction

Serving Minden as veterinarians would be the father and son team of Dare Lott and Foster Lott. Sissy, and P. K., my kitty cats, can continue to be cared for by a Lott.

Back in the 50s Lonnie Pepper installed a chain link fence for me, and later he was joined in the business by his son, Robert, who put up fences for me, and now Robert’s son is in the business with him. That is three generations of fencing Minden.

Gary Brown has assumed the leadership (along with John Benton) of Newt Brown Construction Company since the death of his father, Newt.
Jewelers and Electricians

Bryan’s Jewelry was begun by Bill Bryan and today his son, Steve Bryan, is the owner and operator of that business.

Doug Sale has been my electrician and my friend for many years. Now he has been joined by his son in the electrical business. That is two generations of lighting up Minden.

S. B. Samuel had an electrical business for many years before he was joined by his sons. Who knows how many generations will eventually be involved?

Another jewelry store – Gray’s Jewelry was begun by Lawson Gray, and today his son, Bennie, is the jeweler there. Like father, like son.

From Lawyers to Mechanics

And then there are the lawyer Johnsons. Jim and Johnny Johnson have been lawyers for many years.

Today, Johnny’s son, Eric is another lawyer in this family, along with Eric’s wife.

When my children were little, it was a treat to go out to Neta’s and have John Powell make them hamburgers. Today his son, Mike, is making the same good hamburgers that not only my children love but so do my grandchildren.

I trusted Monroe McClung to take care of my car and now that he is no longer living, Keith McClung has filled his shoes and I trust him explicitly to take care of my car now. Keith is filling his daddy’s shoes admirably.

Half a century ago when we said “Quade’s Studio” we meant Stan Quade, today his son, John Edward Quade is the one who operates that studio.

Juanita Agan submitted a weekly column to the Press-Herald for more than 15 years until her death in 2008. She was a resident of Minden since 1935. The Press-Herald is republishing select articles from Mrs. Agan’s Cameos column every Wednesday.

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