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Young Coders Shine at Webster Parish Libraries’ Discovery Camp

by Minden Press-Herald

The Minden Branch of the Webster Parish Libraries recently hosted an exhilarating day of coding and fun during their Discovery Camp. The highlight of the day was the Obstacle Course Coding activity, which saw young participants put their coding skills to the test in a thrilling and educational adventure.

The camp featured an innovative approach to learning, combining physical challenges with coding exercises. The young coders navigated through various obstacles using the power of sequencing and problem-solving. The activity was designed to not only teach coding fundamentals but also to foster critical thinking and determination among the participants.

Parents and staff were impressed by the creativity and perseverance displayed by the young tech stars. The library expressed immense pride in all the participants and encouraged them to continue honing their skills.

The event was a resounding success, with many looking forward to more such interactive and educational programs at the Webster Parish Libraries. With the camp’s success, the future of tech education in Minden looks bright.

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