Crystal Edwards
Crystal Edwards

A woman literally showed police her underwear when she was told she was violating the sagging pants ordinance, Minden Police say.

The woman, identified as Crystal Edwards, 27, of the 100 block of McArthur Street, went to police headquarters Thursday morning in reference to questions on some discrepancies regarding a car crash that occurred the day before, Police Chief Steve Cropper said.

“She comes into the office and she’s not real happy,” he said. “Officers were in the lobby trying to talk to her about it, and she continued to get loud with the officers.”

A private citizen was also sitting in the lobby on an unrelated matter, police said.

“As she walked outside, her pants dropped down exposing her underwear,” Cropper said. “An officer went outside; he wanted to know who she was because she had a bad attitude. He went outside and detained her for her sagging pants.”

The officer asked her for her name, the chief says, and she gave her correct name but misspelled it. She did give her correct last name and date of birth. Once they brought her back inside, she became irate, he said.

“When the officer informed her they were detaining her for the sagging pants, she pulled them down all the way down to her ankles, completely exposing her underwear,” he said. “When they told her she was under arrest, she would not comply. She continued to resist and violently pulled away with her arms, and they had to place her against the wall.”

Eventually, she was handcuffed and arrested for sagging pants, resisting a police officer with force, resisting an officer by giving false information and disturbing the peace (language).

She was arrested for public intimidation, Cropper says, because she attempted to influence the manner in which the officer carried out his duties by threatening to sue him.

Once she was inside, police ran a background check and learned she had a state warrant for her arrest for simple criminal damage to property.

She was placed into a holding cell until she could be transported to Bayou Dorcheat Correctional Center.


  1. Hold up. Did you read the same story I did? She had left the station and a birch ass cop went out to confront her because she had a bad attitude?. Man this kinda shit is why I can’t stand the police. They think that WE MUST respect them while at the same time accepted their disrespect. She came to the station voluntarily. She had committed no crime. And she was leaving but they went out there to start something and she gave him a little something.

  2. It’s so much easier to comply and be polite than to try to be cocky with police. It gets you nowhere. If you get an attitude with a police officer or any authoritative figure for that matter, this is the outcome.

  3. I don’t know, but it may have been a black cop who arrested her? If that was the case would it make a difference for Brian Swan? I had sagging pants on anyone, and i am always asking them to pull them up.

  4. Wow,this is such a petty reason to arrest one! They said that she walked out and when she did her underwear was showing so now the police go out there and agitate a person that they already know is having a pretty rough time?! The police couldn’t just say,can you pull your pants up ? ?? And go from there? Maybe she didn’t have a belt idk….I do know this young lady an she really is not a bad person I know her sister and her mom!…I do know she was not raised that way more than likely nobody is but,when one is upset then sometimes they make wrong choices…lord knows I’m not perfect!!!!!!!!

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