pattieDear Editor:

I am writing this letter to speak to the recent events surrounding the Downtown Development Commission (Minden Main Street Board) and the decision of Mayor Davis and the vote of the City Council to change the language of the 1990 legislation that formed the Downtown Development Commission.

The mayor’s proposal would give all authority to the mayor and put outdated restrictions on commission appointees. The Downtown Development Commission was intended to be an independent body. This new legislation would completely change the authority of the commission, which until October



  1. I don’t even live there now but noticed all the changes when I came back, due to your commitment Pattie Odom! !!!!!!! GREAT JOB AND THANK YOU.FOR WHAT YOU DID!!!!! You will be missed. Minden remember, this could be someone’s gain and YOUR LOSS!!!! How sad for our little town we grew up in!!!!!!!!

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