Third grade students at J.L. Jones Elementary are getting a hand up as Shepherd’s Hut in Minden is sponsoring the class. The idea is to follow the class until they graduate in 2025, providing for the needs of the students, such as mentors, school clothes, supplies and funds for teachers to supplement their classrooms. Michelle Bates/Press-Herald

Shepherd’s Hut in Minden is sponsoring the third grade class at J.L. Jones Elementary and will follow them through their high school career.

Pastor Sam Mims says the education system is in such a mess, the children are not getting what the need.

“Let’s help those teachers, let’s help those children, let’s help those schools,” he said. “We’re going to try to insure that those kids have what they need to get a good education.”

If a student needs a mentor, he says they will try to provide one of those; if they need school clothes or supplies, they will help try to


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