Jon Conner Joiner
Jon Conner Joiner

SIBLEY – A Sibley man is dead and his son was arrested for his murder after a call of loose donkey led to the discovery of his body, Webster Parish Sheriff Gary Sexton said.

A Sibley Police officer responded to a call of the loose animal in the early morning hours Friday at the 100 block of Fraizer Road. He knocked on the door and didn’t receive an answer. Sexton said the officer could see a portion of the body on the floor so



  1. Billy volunteered his time at the Minden Rex Center by coaching football for numerous years. The boys loved him. He will truly be missed. I hope the Minden Rex Center will honor him in some way. RIP Coach Billy….. GO MOHAWKS…… last time!!!!!!

  2. I hope they fry Jon’s ass his daddy gave him anything and everything he ever wanted. Jon would get strung out on that fope and his dad would still take him back in and try to help him. I wish I could get my hands on Jon’s sorry ass

  3. Sad. Really sad that a child would kill his or her parent anyways. Not stereotyping thus guy but …. Just by the looks of him he probably was into heavy metal, drugs n a severe case of STUPIDITY AND IGNORANCE…… FREAKING P.O.S

  4. This really does not feel real to me. I know the both of them. Never in my wildest dreams would I have thought this would have happen. I am heart broken I just don’t know how to my head around it. I pray the family can find peace in this terrible thing that has happened. R.I.P Billy I will have a cup of coffee in heaven one day with you. Till we meet again my friend

  5. My heart goes out to the family. I, too, know the back story of JonConner and BillyJack and Cyndi because of my personal connection with them. This is tragic beyond words…So, please understand this family needs our full support and prayers.

  6. This is what happens when drugs are involved unfortunately. We need to keep fighting that damn devil and get our family back that he is dragging off. In numbers you can conquer mountains.

  7. I remember Billy Jack from Elementary
    On up thru High School when Sheryl was his girlfriend
    He used to hang with Terry Roye & Trig
    I’m also sorry and saddened
    That drug is killing people,ruining families
    And changing the people using it
    So Sad RIP Billy Jack

  8. I grew up with Billy and lived around the corner from him. He was a friend from my youth. We met in 6th grade and stayed friends till he moved away. Sorry to hear the sad news!

  9. Yall need to stop you don’t know there home life. I know for a fact good ol Billy use to get super drunk and beat Jon until he was black and blue he probably just pushed him to far, if someone was to put there hands on you everyday you would eventually get tired of it wouldn’t you?

  10. This is very sad and hurtful to a lot of friends ,and family.This is not the time to say anything but comfortable respectful remarks about our fallen friend.Let’s not spend time writing or reading assine ignorant comments. Rest easy Billy most of us are going to visit you soon.

  11. Not one comment mentioned the fact that his mother cindy died when he was just a child..she was my best friend and she adored her child and sadly left this earth with him left with no mother..i cant even imagine what he must have gone through not growing up with his mother and living a life without her at such an early age…and knowing what happened breaks my heart…people are so black and white about things and are quick to judge others…people turn to drugs when they cant cope with harsh things that are thrown at them ..doesnt mean they are bad people just means they are numbing themselves to pain they are experiencing because they have lost something along the way in life….people dont dont do drugs just because they enjoy it, they hate every minute they are using drugs..drug addiction is a mental disorder and people need to understand that but they dont.they just want to label them as bad people. These people suffer everyday unable to cope with life so they know , no other way to cope so they continue to use drugs and its a sickness that very few understand…so instead of throwing your harsh opinions around you need tovstop and thinkvuf that were a loved onevif your own or if you were in that situation…my heart goes out to my friend cindy although shes not here and to her son because as i see it, he was a child that lost his way somewhere….breaks my heart!

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